The first step into school is that giant step forward, where children embark on the great adventure of discovering the wide world outside and the depth of the world within. As we hold the little finger and guide the young ones forward, we realize our responsibility of nurturing their curiosity, igniting their minds to pierce the skies, helping them to discover the world of books and richness of experience, ponder on the “mystery of birds in the sky, the bees in the sun, the flowers on a green hill”, and today master the magic of technology and the limitless span of cyber space.
"Mind of a child is like a blank Page and as a mentor, we need to embark with the pan of hard work the ink of knowledge, and create a sketch which would be everlasting in the child’s life”. I am really honored to function as the Principal of the Best CBSE school in AKOLA Shree Samartha Public School and Junior College. Under the guidance of school management, we are working as a committed team to impart a quality teaching-learning environment to our students to make them future-ready. This is further supported by co-curricular, cultural and sports activities for the overall development of the students. SSPS is an innovative school drawing on the talents and feedback of staff, students and parents.
We, at Shree Samartha Public School believe that education is a process of awakening individual potential to creative knowledge, but more importantly enlightening students with the wisdom that they must “never put a price tag on their heart and soul”. A good career is important but a good character is paramount. We believe that 'individuals' are the atoms that hold tremendous power within to serve as agents of change and thus are confident that our students, enriched with a sense of high morality and social responsibility will be makers of a virtuous society. In a world of stiff competition, strife and unrealistic aspirations, it calls for sensitivity on our part as educators to help children understand that predicament is common to everyone. Problems and challenges need to be faced courageously with conviction in our principles and confidence in our inner strength and dreams. With best wishes
SSPS: “The tradition of excellence is ours; the choice is yours!”

Best Regards
Shree Samartha Public School & Jr. College